IP Webcam and port forwarding

Part of my objective with this project was to be able to see the load being activated, even if I wasn't physically near the load. To solve this, I downloaded 'IP Webcam' on an old phone I wasn't using. I modified my router settings to be able to connect from anywhere, not just within my local network.

Now that this software is set up, I can mount my phone somewhere and watch the video very close to real time. Because I wanted the power strip controls to be near the video image I chose to grab the code used to rended the video and embed it in another server so I could modify it.


Most of the electronics for this project are detailed in a previous post so I won't write about it here. The only addition to those circuits is an AC to DC switching mode power supply I pulled out from a cell phone charger. This connects to the AC line to power the arduino nano.I cut a power strip to fit the box and fit all the wiring inside - just barely!.


The final power strip works as intended. Future improvements include replacing the ENC28J60 module with a wireless module(something like an ESP8266 would work great, maybe would not even need an arduino), additional server side functionality (like inputs for alarms, OTAs, more cameras), more organized PCB layout.